We drive marketing and sales efforts for small businesses. We see an opportunity to connect more customers to their products and services, so they can have a positive impact in more people's lives and make more money.

Keeping our focus on a long-term growth approach puts us in a position to  transition clients into more proactive strategies that have lasting results. Small businesses have tremendous growth potential by increasing awareness, engaging their audiences and establishing a powerful presence in their markets.


Our clients want to invest in themselves, help more customers and be around for much longer. They realize that they cannot afford to wait for something to happen and magically have more customers call, or walk through the door. What are you waiting for?



Small business owners that want to increase revenue by implementing proactive outreach campaigns resulting in more leads and clients, without having to incur the high costs of full-time marketing and sales employees.

Our clients' growth can be achieved by leveraging social media channels and other direct outreach campaigns to targeted audiences. This enables them to promote their products and services to potential clients that may otherwise not know about them. It is through our efforts that clients are able to develop leads, clients and repeat business in a consistent way. 

Currently we are focusing on the following businesses:

  • Health care professionals

    • Medical practices​

    • specialists

  • Professional services

    • Law​ practices

    • Business Coaches

    • Personal & Professional development

  • Real Estate

    • Agents

    • Agencies

  • Retail

    • Food & Beverages (nutritional products)

    • Boutiques

    • Wellness products & services



Ever Consulting Group, LLC was created with the primary goal of helping small businesses thrive. The odds are stacked against small businesses, as 90% fail in the first few years. With this in mind, ECG aims to work with business owners to deal with pain points and promote them to generate more sales. Most businesses do not get new clients because people do not know they exist! We are here to solve this problem.

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Mr. Ruiz is passionate about working with people and finding ways to get businesses to flourish. He has been diving into entrepreneurial opportunities ever since graduating college. He spent 7 years at Hennion & Walsh, as a financial advisor, where he learned sales through long hours of cold-calling, prospecting and built a book of satisfied clients that trusted him to protect their wealth and reach their financial goals. This experience and knowledge is what he can bring to clients and help them get more sales.

After Hennion & Walsh, his entrepreneurial spirit took Mr. Ruiz to become part of Spark Inspiration Laboratory, later to become Ridgewood Diagnostic Laboratory. There, he wore various hats as an early member of the team. He went on to develop the Client Relations team, protocols and standards. Lastly, he became VP of Operation and managed different departments establishing clear and effective communication channels, protocols, processes to ensure safe and accurate results.

This rare combination of sales, client relations and operations roles make Mr. Ruiz an asset to his clients. He provides a new and unique perspective to creating an effective way to get more sales, while finding opportunities that will take the business to the next level. 

Mr. Ruiz received a Bachelors of Arts in both Economics and International Affairs from Lafayette College. He is fluent in English, Spanish and is improving his Portuguese.  



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