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The ultimate event registration partner to transform registration management into a simplified and scalable profit center, without the stress and overhead costs. 

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Helping Event Pros Across Industries Simplify Their Registrations 

Today, the process of finding a registration solution for all event types, sourcing, selecting, learning software and building systems for every other project is draining to say the least. We believe the registration process not only needs to be a seamless and enjoyable journey for attendees, but also for the organizing teams. With a harmonious approach to collaborating, we plug and play with the rhythm and tempo needed to elevate experiences and increase the bottom line, not the workload. 

Ever Consulting Group was created to enhance the event registration experience with a reliable system that simplifies the whole process, is scalable and profitable. Now, event organizers, agencies and venues can easily capitalize on a service clients need that, historically, has been very costly and complex to provide up until now. 

Add A Profit Center. Today!

We bring the systems, processes and expertise to scale at the pace you want. You can service more clients, enhance their registration experiences and grow your bottom line. 

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Integrates Easily With Team and clients

All you have to do is tell us you want our team to manage event registrations for you. We take care of the rest, unless you want to handle it with our system yourself. Either way, we make it simple and convenient. We've got your back!

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Grow Your Business,
Not Your Workload

Start leveraging our team without any stress and overhead costs. We have it all set up to start today. Get time back to focus on delivering amazing experiences for your clients. We'll just let you know when registrations are setup.

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We Partner With

Corporate & Independent Event Planners

Whether it's a large global events program with multiple departments and stake holders or adhoc events, we've got the systems in place to create a seamless registration process for you and your attendees.

We Make Your Team's Life Easier 














Sourcing Software.

We got it too!





With the Right Team, Everything Is Possible

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