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About Us

 “If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together” - African proverb

Our mission is to simplify the online registration site creation process, attendee journey, and support busy event organizers in delivering amazing events for their clients and audiences. 

Our goal is to enable event professionals to provide a seamless registration process for all virtual, in-person and hybrid events, without the fees and complexity, so that our partners and their clients can generate more revenue, save resources and enhance the registration experience of each event.  

Why we exist?

Fed up with the old ways, we decided to build a modern registration process and system that elevates the whole experience for everyone involved. 

Offering, managing and delivering registration services has become too costly, complicated and time consuming for event organizers. From sourcing software, unnecessary massive fees per ticket, multi-year contracts, training staff, to managing the overhead this service brings, it's no wonder many event organizers don't bother offering registration services. However, event planners and agencies watch clients spend a lot elsewhere to deal with this aspect of their events. 

Inspired by a broken system, we decided to build a simple, reliable and cost-effective system to setup registration sites that empowers organizers, satisfies clients needs, and elevates the entire experience. That's where we see the opportunity to partner with and support busy event organizers. We enable them to easily add a new service, new profit center or drastically cut costs by having a specialized "extension" of their team own this for them, at a fraction of the cost, without the stress. 

We see event organizers as our partners and have built our services and offerings around that. The only scenario where we grow is when we help them have successful event registration experiences.

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