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Small businesses owners that want increase revenue by implementing proactive outreach campaigns  that generate more leads and clients, without having to incur the high costs of full-time marketing and sales employees.

We firmly believe our clients' growth can be achieved by leveraging social media channels and other direct outreach campaigns to deliver targeted compelling messages to promote their products and services to people that may otherwise not know about them. It is through our efforts that clients are able to develop leads, clients and repeat business. 

Currently we are focusing on the following businesses:

  • Health care professionals

    • Medical practices​

    • specialists

  • Professional services

    • Law​ practices

    • Business Coaches

    • Personal & Professional development

  • Real Estate

    • Agents

    • Agencies

  • Retail

    • Food & Beverages (nutritional products)

    • Boutiques

    • Wellness products & services

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